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Unlock your true surfing potential

Surf coaching trips for improver to advanced surfers


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Are you an intermediate or advanced surfer looking to take your skills to the next level?

UnlockSurf has just what you’re looking for – Our trips are designed specifically for intermediate and advanced surfers looking to boost their surfing skills in a short period. Whether it’s learning how to do a solid bottom turn, paddling with more power, or working those vertical snaps, our experienced coach will help you to unlock your full potential.

Dave Renauds 6P Program and technique training is designed to help you achieve more and helps you to become an all-around better surfer. With our program, you’ll be able to catch more waves, do more critical maneuvers, have increased flow and speed while riding, and surf head high waves up and down with ease.

Unlock your full potential and come on an unforgettable Surf Adventure with us!

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The 6p programme and technique training

Tested with hundreds of surfers from novice to athlete. The 6P program is your path to unlock your full surfing potential.

As an experienced surf coach, Dave from howtosurfbetter noticed a common issue among his students:

a lack of “ocean awareness” and challenges in positioning and posture. These issues are preventing intermediate and advanced surfers from advancing quickly.

The 6P Program is a revolutionary surf coaching program designed to help you to unlock your full potential. Tested with hundreds of students it is your path to sucess. With an easily understandable system that will help you improve your surfing once and for all. The 6P program is the key to improve your surfing skills and becoming a better surfer.  

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