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We believe that becoming a good surfer is a matter of coaching rather than time.


Read about the reason we have created this format for those who are ambitious and want to improve their surfing but have limited time and access to quality waves to improve their skills.

Dave (The wave) Renaud

Its said, the best surfer is the one having the most fun! I say the better you surf the more fun you will have!

Dave Renaud from howtosurfbetter is a legend and one of surf’s true originals.

Dave Renaud from howtosurfbetter is a surf coach and surf travel expert with over 20 years of experience.

Born and raised in Durban South Africa Dave has been surfing all of his life. He is a renowned and experienced surf coach who has dedicated his life to the sport.

With over 20 years of experience in surf coaching, he has helped hundreds of students just like you to surf with more flow and catch more quality waves. He is helping surfers from intermediate to athletes to improve their technique.

And you know why he is doing that?

“Its said, the best surfer is the one having the most fun! I say the better you surf the more fun you will have!”- Dave Renaud 

Dave is on a mission to help surfers like us to become more competent in the water in less time.

With his 6P programme and technique training Dave will teach you are tested and have a proven track record. As the head coach of the England Surfing Team for the past eight years, as well as the British Surfing Team’s head coach in their challenge to reach Olympic qualification in 2018 and 2019, Dave has perfected his approach. Under his guidance team members have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at various competitions. Besides him as a coach, Dave is still out there competing. He has won the British nationals’ veterans in 2014 and English national veterans in 2017.

When Dave is not at his home base in South Devon UK, he is organizing surf trips. From Morocco to the Maldives, with over three decades of surf travel experience, Dave knows exactly what makes a surf trip unforgettable for you. Benefit from the wealth of experience he has acquired doing this since the early 90s!

Armin Pfauser

I believe that everyone needs a mentor in order to become a better surfer.

Armin Pfauser is a kook for almost 20 years. As a surfer, he has experienced the frustrations that comes with surfing for years without real consistency or improvement. UnlockSurf is his answer to the problems he was facing with different surf coachings and surf camps.

Through Dave, Armin found the mentor every surfer deserves. By applying Dave’s 6P Program, he was able to unlock his surfing potential, allowing him to get more speed and surf with greater control. As a result, he was able to perform vertical maneuvers as well as having more flow in his surfing.

Being an IT geek at heart, Armin is the perfect complement to Daves teaching skills. With a deep understanding of computers and technology, as well as business administration, he is taking care of operations.