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The 6P Programme and Technique Training

A tested method to accelerate your surfing progress.


As an experienced surf coach, Dave Renaud ( noticed a common issue among his students: a lack of knowledge about the ocean combined with bad posture and positioning. These issues are holding many surfers and reduce their fun in the water.


Do you feel like have been in this situation way to often. Do you miss waves that you should actually have caught? Do you know the feeling of others around you surfing twice as much waves as you are?


Dave has created his 6P programme and technique training to fix your surfing once and forever.

The Method

Combination of surfing technique with proven strategies to increase your wave count even in the busiest lineup.


His method is a proven technique to overcome the barriers you have in catching more waves and ride them with more flow.


The technique training helps you to create more speed and flow while also managing the crucial maneuvers with style. 


The 6P programme gives you the tactics to make better decisions in the water and catch more waves while needing less energy doing so.

Surfing Technique Training

The method is the key to improve your surfing skills and becoming a better surfer.


  • The fundamental maneuvers
  • Speed creation
  • Using the rail
  • Recognizing the power zones
  • The 4 quadrants

The 6P ProgramME

What are the key elements

  • Paddling

  • Positioning in the lineup 

  • Positioning on the wave 

  • Positioning on the board 

  • Posture 

  • Pace


Paddling is a crucial aspect of surfing, and it’s something that we do a lot of in the water. A good paddling technique can help you catch the right waves, position yourself properly in the surf break, and build endurance.

Positioning in the lineup

Proper positioning in the surf break is essential for catching the best waves for your level and style. It’s not just about paddling strength, it’s about understanding the breaks and knowing where to position yourself to maximize your chances of catching the right waves.

Positioning on the wave

Catching waves is a crucial aspect of surfing, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Whether you’re always getting caught behind the break or consistently missing the wave altogether, it can be disheartening and inhibit your progress as a surfer.

Positioning on the board

Proper foot placement on your surfboard is crucial for effective and smooth turns. Many surfers struggle with this aspect of their technique, either landing their front foot too far forward or too far back, which can lead to stalling or digging the nose in.


Proper posture is essential for effective and stylish surfing. Good posture allows for better balance and greater range of movement, while poor posture can limit both of these things. Don’t forget, good posture not only improves your performance, it also looks more attractive!


Pace is key to success. It’s not just about going fast, it’s about managing your speed and finding the right balance. This starts with the speed you need to generate while paddling to catch the wave, and continues as you ride the wave and flow with its pace.

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