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A Surf Coaching Journey

Unlock your true potential with a week of unique surf adventures in Galicia!


13 – 21 May 2023

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7 days where only surfing matters!

Are you an improver to advanced surfer looking to take your skills to the next level?


Our professional surf coaching program is here for you!


Led by Dave Renaud with his 6P Programme and technique training we bring you a week of bespoke surf coaching to unlock your full surf potential.


You will learn how to surf waves with more speed, power and flow. This will enable you to make the correct maneuver choices and perform them with success. Dave will help you to improve your positioning in the line up, so you can improve your wave count and ultimately become a better all round surfer.


Using high end video analysis Dave will highlight areas needing improvement, taking into account all aspects of successful surfing, including; video coaching,  advanced surf tactics, on land practice, surf skate training and much more is waiting for you.

The 6P ProgramME

What are the key elements

  • Paddling

  • Positioning in the lineup 

  • Positioning on the wave 

  • Positioning on the board 

  • Posture 

  • Pace

The Technique Training

What are the key elements


    • The fundamental maneuvers 
    • Speed creation 
    • Using the rail 
    • Recognizing the power zones 
    • The 4 quadrants

The Coaching in Action

What a usual day could look like


  • Early morning stretching routine (optional)

  • Healthy breakfast to get energy for the day

  • Surf session with video coaching

  • Lunch break with sandwich and some fruits



  • Video analysis and feedback

  • 6P Progam” theory lessons on advanced concepts and lineup negotiation or

  • Movement training in the garden aka. “Surf Tai Chi” or

  • Surfskate practice for better linking maneuvers for more flow

  • Chill time to relax a little or do a power nap

  • Afternoon surf session with Dave in the water for instant feedback



  • Delicious home made dinner or eating out in a Spanish restaurant

  • Relaxing at the fireplace or watching the sunset

  • Watching a surf movie and having a cold beer or a glass of wine

Meet Your Coach


Dave Renaud ( is a legend and one of surfs true originals.


Born and raised in Durban South Africa Dave has been surfing for all of his life. He is a renowned and experienced surf coach who has dedicated his life to the sport.


With over 20 years of experience in surf coaching he has helped hundreds of students just like you to surf with more flow and catch more quality waves. He is helping surfers from intermediate to athlete to improve their technique, ocean awareness, and safety in the surf line.


And you know why he is doing that?


“Its said, the best surfer is the one having the most fun! I say the better you surf the more fun you will have!”- Dave Renaud


Dave is on a mission to help surfers like us to become more competent in the water in less time. This is why he created the 6P Programme and technique training to help surfers from improver to professional to become better over-all surfers.


The methods Dave will teach you are tested and have a proven track record. As the head coach of the England Surfing Team for the past eight years, as well as the British Surfing Team’s head coach in their challenge to reach Olympic qualification in 2018 and 2019, Dave has perfected his approach. Under his guidance team members have won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals at various competitions. Beside of him as a coach, Dave is still out there competing. He has won the British nationals’s veterans in 2014 and English national’s veterans in 2017.


When Dave is not at his home base in South Devon UK, he is organizing surf trips. From Morocco to the Maldives, with over three decades of surf travel experience, Dave knows exactly what makes a surf trip unforgettable for you. Benefit from the wealth of experience he has acquired doing this since the early 90s!


Join us to unlock your full surf potential!


The Location

Our gorgeous house is located in a peaceful area, just steps away from Praia de Basoñas.


Witness the stunning sunset from the living room, or gather around the fireplace and listen to Dave’s fascinating stories about surfing Nias before the digital age, with a cold beer in hand after an unforgettable day of surfing.


Make this place your home base for our surf coaching journey!

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Details and Prices

Find the package that fits you


Included in the price:



    • Beautiful accommodation with all modern amenities


    • Personalized surf coaching with video analysis to refine your technique each day


    • Theory lessons that will help you deepen your understanding of waves, maneuvers and ocean conditions


    • “Surf Tai Chi” so you can practice your maneuvers on land in our beautiful garden


    • Surfskate practice for those already experienced on a skateboard (no extra charge!)


    • Healthy breakfast every morning


    • Lunch sandwich, juice, fruits and a snack


    • dinner 4 nights plus an amazing Friday BBQ night.


Not included:



    • Transfer from and to the airport (we can organize that for you)


    • Our visit to the restaurant on two evenings during the week


    • Beverages and snacks 

Accommodation Options

Choose from a couple of room options. From budget friendly to deluxe, we got you covered.

Shared Bedrooms for Two

For individuals looking for a more affordable option, we offer 2 bedrooms with two single beds and a shared bathroom.

👉 1199€ per person


Private Room with Shared Bathroom

Perfect for couples or individuals that look for more comfort we have a private room with queen size bed and shared bathroom.

👉 1399€ for one person

👉 899€ for second person

👉 499€ for second person without coaching



Private Room with En Suite Bathroom

Relax in the luxurious comfort of your own private room with a queen-size bed and en suite bathroom.

👉 1499€ for one person

👉 799€ for second person with coaching

👉 399€ for second person without coaching